WAG Magazine, November 2020 – ‘Toast’ Of The Town

WAG Magazine, November 2020 – A new cafe in tony Westport, Manna Toast, is doing brisk business with its heavenly sourdough toast sandwiches and original salads. I recently met you with the two co-owners, Stacy Bass wagmag.com/thru-the-lens-brightly/ and Molly Healey, and an in-person, outside table interview at the cafe on the wettest day in Westport since records began. Here is an edited version of our conversation: Read More

Westport Magazine, Nov/Dec 2020: Cuisine During COVID

Westport Magazine, Nov/Dec 2020 – After years of learning how to cook, and truly, deeply understand what she loved about it, Molly Healey refined her skills as a private chef. Then she took a leap. As luck would have it, she was in the right place at the right time when Yvette Waldman and Stacy Bass approached her about how to fill a space in Bedford Square. With Howard Bass and David Waldman, the team collaborated on the details of the new café: setting up the business plans, sourcing vendors, refining the menu, hiring and training staff and more. They didn’t stop until it came true. Manna Toast opened this past spring. Read more