We are a community-driven group of human beings focused on making delicious and healthy foods that nourish our customers and support the vitality of local farms and agricultural partners. We endeavor to make thoughtful choices each and every day, working towards systemic changes in the traditional food service paradigm, and an honorably improved stance as stewards of our planet.


Molly Healey

Chef & Owner – “Sunshine in a Bottle”

Molly is a lot of things! She is a classically trained chef and a seasoned service guru, who cut her teeth cooking and catering. Not surprisingly, Molly is also a foodie—one who loves actual food: vegetables grown in fresh dirt, fruits harvested from local farms, and artisanal breads baked in Connecticut ovens. She is also a conscious citizen of the world, who takes great pride in making mindful meals for her own family, and for others. Enough already. Come meet Molly, try her delicious food.

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Jason Wiener

Chef de Cuisine – “Man on a Mission”

Jason believes! He believes that food is our closest connection to the outside world and the more we appreciate the food we eat, the closer we become to the natural world. He believes by choosing to live and eat in a responsible way, we can create positive ripples in the world around us. He believes in using his expertise in Culinary Nutrition and over 15 years of industry experience to create a more cooperative food system. Jason will focus on running the Hub Kitchen and expanding relationships with local farms and vendors to prepare the most delicious food imaginable.


Manna begins with toast, which is to say that many of our main menu items are served on freshly baked and sliced sourdough bread. Sure, we’re using the term “toast” loosely, but you’ll find that’s intentional. You can even go sans toast and substitute a gluten-free alternative.


Our first all-day cafe is now open downtown Westport’s Bedford Square. With ample indoor seating, spacious outdoor tables, and an upscale California casual vibe, Manna hopes to create a favorite place for townies, out-of-townies, and passersby. Our remarkable food menu is complemented by full coffee service, locally baked goodies, and a curated list of wine and beer.


Our hub kitchen is designed to support all the spokes. From our flagship location to unique catering options and hearty delivery service, Manna’s state-of-the-art culinary HQ is centrally located on the Post Road in Westport, right off Exit 18.