Our cafe is open Sunday & Monday 10am-5pm

Tuesday – Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday & Saturday, 8am-Close

Welcome: Our downtown Westport cafe is open all day, for dine-in and pickup. We’re dedicated to following the highest safety standards and guidelines, ensuring guests can enjoy both a delicious meal and peace of mind.

Breakfast: Start the day off with our seasonal French Toast or Bacon, Egg & Cheese and some locally roasted Ilse Coffee. You’re sure to feel like a champion.

Lunch: Mix it up with our caper dressing Caesar and some Hummus Toast for the kiddos. Maybe the Carrot Lox is calling, with a side of Pearl Couscous and some Arogya blood orange pear iced tea. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

Dinner: It’s easy to put the Meatless Meatballs on repeat—the marinara is a show-stopper. Though the Mushroom Reuben and Burrata will have your taste buds doing pirouettes.

Wine & Beer: Pop a bottle of Sundstrom Sparkling Cider from the Hudson Valley or a refreshing seasonal ale from our friends at Kent Falls Brewing Co. Cheers!

Dessert: Ahhh. Right, this is a tough call. The chocolate chip cookies are mesmerizing. But then there’s the Affogato and the Ice Cream with life-changing toppings like a chocolate magic shell. Yep, chocolate magic shell.

Tasting Note: There are many ways to “Manna.” We believe in breakfast hash for dinner, desserts for lunch, and can appreciate a cold IPA before noon. Throw your reservations out the window and come join us for a delicious dining experience, thoughtfully crafted to make for happy customers and a thriving community, day and night.

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